How Does It Work?

There are three parts to the program:

         ADMINISTRATION for you - to choose your brands, assign product rank, set prices
          ASSOCIATES ONLY for you & your staff - to perform direct searches and common calculations
           PUBLIC for your customers - to find the foods appropriate for their specific pets



YOUR PART: Administration
Your account is set up for you using your logo and colors. You have a user name & password to access your administration.
When you log in, you can:

Select your products. You can include/exclude a full line or a single product.
Set your own prices. The program comes with MSRP or available price* on each product, as a starting point.
Rank brands according to your recommendations.
Request additional products/product lines to be added to the database.

Everything in the administration is simple to understand and use. New products are being added all the time, and we will add products by request** as well. If you have a preferred product or brand that we have not already included, let us know!
You can update your product listings anytime you visit your administration. New products are not visible to your customers unless/until you turn them on.

Prices are not publicly displayed anywhere customers can see them. They are only used to calculate the cost to feed on a given food, so you don't have to constantly adjust the program if you have fluctuations in pricing.

* Available price is used when MSRP is not readily available. This is the case sometimes with premium/specialty brands. Available price will be the current price on the product, provided by a Member Independent Retailer.

** This program is designed for premium products. We will not honor requests for low quality products or for items available in the grocery store aisle. On the other end of the spectrum, if you carry a locally made line of pet food that you want your customers to be aware of and to consider along with (or ahead of) the national brands you carry, that's an ideal request! If we've missed a flavor or product that you would like us to include, just let us know! Maybe you know of a new, premium brand or product that we don't yet have listed? Drop us a note!


This is a portion of the program for use by you and your staff, often when you're in the aisle with the customer. This portion, like administration, is accessible only with log in. You can quickly:

Search products by protein. Generate a list of products by main protein source(s).
Calculate relative values between different food types and moisture levels.
Search data by other specifics. Select diets by category: grain-free, puppy/kitten formulas, L.I.D., etc.

Search By Protein You can pull up a list of your recommended products by major protein source(s). This is the opposite of the customer portion of the program, which is based on exclusion - "My dog is allergic to chicken." (eliminate chicken) "I don't want tomato pomace in my pet food." (eliminate products containing tomato pomace) Etc.

Here you have the reverse ability to search by proteins that the food does contain. "What do we have for pheasant-based diets for cats?" "Do we carry a raw rabbit diet?" You can refine your search and select just a particular type of food (raw, dry, canned) as well as a specific protein. As with every aspect of this program, only the foods that you have chosen to include will be represented in search results.

Perform G.A. Calculations For example, you could show that 40% protein in a kibble is comparable to 8% protein in a canned product. Calculate percentages at any moisture content of any listed item. This helps to demystify dry matter basis, and demonstrate how products really compare.

Search By Product Type Search products directly by special category. Current categories include:

large breed
L.I.D. - limited ingredient diet

Is there another category or search function that would be useful to you? Drop us a note and let us know!



This is the main portion of the program. This program was created to help you to encourage your customers to feed their pets better. The goal is to be your voice when you can't be in the aisle with the customer. The program provides guidance and information to help educate the pet owner about the premium foods you carry and the health benefits these foods provide.

Your customers access the program right in the aisle via their phones, using your store link or by scanning a QR code. You are provided both the link and the QR code with your account. Either or both can be printed on a shelf-hanger or sign. Optionally, you can access the program on a larger device. The public portion of the site has been formatted to look best on a phone screen, but the program works fine regardless of the device you use.

Customers can use this portion of the program without assistance. It's very user friendly. Your customers can:

Determine Caloric Requirements for Their Cat or Dog
Answer Basic Questions And Receive Product Recommendations For Their Pets
Calculate Daily Cost to Feed
Read About Common Ailments That Can be Alleviated With Improved Diet
Compare Ingredient Decks & Guaranteed Analyses
Learn How To Transition Their Pets to a New Food

Daily feeding requirements are calculated based on size, age, activity, and other factors. The results are very specific to an individual animal. The FAQ's cover advantages of each type of diet, and describe in detail why it's so valuable to feed quality food. Common health problems are covered, as well as what foods can help with various conditions and why. As with every part of this program, only your selected products are included in search results. The list can be quite short if the customer has provided a lot of specifications, or fairly long if not. Products are listed in order of your recommendation, with your preferred options at the top of results. Customers select products from the list and can compare them side by side: protein, fat, carbohydrates, and daily cost to feed. They simply click on the product name to bring up the full ingredient deck.