What Is Pet Food Smart?

Pet Food Smart is a web-based program that guides your customers to the foods that you carry and recommend, even when you can't be in the aisle.

In addition to walking your customers through the process of selecting an appropriate diet for their pets, the program can also:

Determine Caloric Requirements for a Cat or Dog
Calculate Daily Cost to Feed
Compare Guaranteed Analyses
Demonstrate Proper Transitioning to New Food
Support Your Associates With Useful In-Aisle Tools

There is an informative FAQ section which encourages customers to feed the best foods they can, and explains why this is such a practical choice; the health benefits of raw diets and other premium foods are explained in some detail.

Your customers access the program right in the aisle via their phones. The public portion of the site is visually bright, colorful, and simple to navigate. Customers answer a series of questions about their pet and their feeding preferences. Based on the answers they give, the program searches the database for foods that suit their needs, and presents them in order of your recommendation.

You and your store associates have access to special tools to search data and make calculations to help customers with more complicated or specific questions. Check out the How Does It Work page for detailed information on each section of the program.

Each account is set up with your logo and your colors, so the user experience is very personal and familiar for your customers. You choose which products to include, and in which order they are recommended.